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JUNE 24-25, 2016
Kentucky Convention Center
Louisville, KY
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JAM U is The JAM Brands official coaches conference for cheerleading and dance coaches. As a spirit industry innovator and leader, The JAM Brands created The JAM U conference theme back in 2009 and branded it as 'A Unique Conference Experience.' The idea was to create a conference that was FUN as well as EDUCATIONAL. Drawing ideas from our own college days, we've evolved this concept year after year, and you can see the many parallels we draw between the college experience and the JAM U experience.

Customers who attend the event are referred to as students, speakers are referred to as professors, and we even create some intramural teams and contests! At JAM U, we want you to choose your major. Everyone comes to JAM U for their own reasons, so we've taken the liberty to create course curriculum explicitly directed in many different areas. By defining your major, you're course of study will help you identify exactly what you want to learn for your organization and achieve your goals at JAM U.

We look forward to an amazing weekend at JAM U 2015!

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