Lance Stoltenberg
Elite Cheer, Inc.
Lance Stoltenberg established Nebraska and Michigan’s first award winning  All-Star programs, Elite Cheer Inc. Along with his business partners, Kevin and Shawnda Hooker, Elite Cheer has created a consistently progressive program that has developed excellence for over 15 years and has been voted as one of the first ‘Best All-Star Gyms’ by Cheerleader Magazine.

Lance, formally a gymnast turned cheerleader from the University of Nebraska, has earned 3 NCA Collegiate All-American Awards and served on NCA staff for years. With his masters in Exercise Science and Nutrition, his education allowed him to develop conditioning and training programs conducive to effectively train the sports of gymnastics and cheerleading.

His cheerleading and tumbling experience has led him to choreograph all his routines at Elite Cheer as well as other high school and all-star programs throughout the US and Canada. Lance and his staff teach their unique training progressions and techniques at private camps and coaches conferences around the world

Lance engrossed himself in the industry by becoming a USASF Safety Certified judge and judges cheerleading events across the country.  He has been nominated USASF Coach of the Year and is currently a USASF Credentialing Certifier for the Mid-West Region. His mission and passion is not only producing incredible athletes but through this process developing stronger young adults with the tools to better our World’s future.